EWAX Capital invests globally in public companies. We screen companies using an intensive research process that seeks to identify mispriced securities using Fundamental and Technical Analysis approach.

We capitalize opportunistically on shorter-term or special situation (e.g. spinoffs, reorganizations, merger arbitrage) while maintaining a concentrated core portfolio of high-quality longs and over-hyped single-name shorts.

* For non-U.S. public companies, we utilize American Depository Receipts which are called ADRs. These are receipts of shares of foreign companies that trade on the U.S. stock market exchanges.

Marcus Furman (Fundamental Analysis & Portfolio Manager)

Fernando Yuchi (Technical Analysis & Portfolio Manager)

Zak Walters (Intermarket Analysis)

Heberto Serrato (Technology Sector Research)

Robin Holmen (Market Forecasting)

We look for investment opportunities in stocks with market caps above $6 billion. Our team uses an investment process focused on generating strong performance while managing risk. Some important points:

-Prudent diversification, analysis of beta, sector, industry and other factors.

-Technical Analysis and bottom-up stock selection approach

-Quantitative techniques.

-Our team works continuously to discover new investment ideas.

EWAX Capital´s portfolio is concentrated and typically holds 5-10 long positions and  10-15 short positions. No single holding will represent more than 30% of net assets. Gross and net exposure, cash allocation, and number of holdings are functions of idea flow rather than target weightings. In general, we maintain a net long bias and smaller individual position sizes on the short side. Position size is based on conviction and valuation.
A stock is sold when its ranking deteriorates due to earnings disappointments or an unattractive valuation. We may also sell if our research uncovers warning signs that we believe could lead to underperformance. We typically trim positions when a stock appreciates rapidly in an effort to capture exceptional returns, or to prevent an individual security from contributing a disproportionate amount of risk to the portfolio.

Last Update: March, 2024


  EWAX Capital S&P 500
2024 17.2% 9.4%
2023 39.1% 25.7%
2022 23.7% -14.2%
2021 38.4% 28.7%
2020 32.1% 18.4%


  • Consumer, Non-cyclical
  • Technology
  • Communications
  • Consumer, Cyclical
  • Energy

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